Leveraging Technology for Entrepreneurs

A Certificate Series of Workshops

SIP Vision is to provide the opportunity to leverage technology to have an inclusive future for everyone.  We have a number of programs to achieve our vision and new for 2018 is to offer a series of workshops to provide tools and techniques to improve your productivity as Entrepreneurs.

They will be offered at 50% discount to members of the Society of Internet Professionals (SIP). Each workshop consists of:

  • Interactive presentations
  • Opportunity to participate to share your experience

The following workshops are planned for 2018:

  1. Email Netiquette
  2. Writing emails and Your Blog
  3. Management of emails
  4. Enhance Your Skills Online at no-cost
  5. Productivity Tools for Your Business
  6. Keep Tabs on your Contacts and Customers
  7. Collaborative Tools

Take advantage of SIP 20th Anniversary Celebration promotional membership of $50 per year. Click to become a SIP member.

As a member not only you can attend the workshop but will also be encouraged to conduct a workshop in the area of your expertise and write articles which will be published on this section of the website.