Work Offices Are Changing

offices are changing

Since March when the corona emergency state was raised, majority of employees from big companies have been working from home. Apple, Facebook, Twitter has started to tell their employees to come back to work with Apple preparing to receive them as early as mid-June 2020. Some managers are already working at the office for a few weeks now.

At Apple their cubicles will be set six feet apart. The staff will have to wear masks. Social distancing will be in effect and visitors likely won’t get into the buildings soon, maybe after appropriate regulations will be put in place. Employees will receive body temperatures checks regularly for fever detection.

Deep cleaning and sanitation is part of the daily cleaning routine at Apple. The employees are strongly encouraged to take the COVID-19 tests that the company provides. Apple has pushed back iPhone12 release to take place in the fall.

Facebook also put their office desks six feet apart in preparation for the employees’ comeback in July. It is mandatory that their staff respect six feet distance between themselves. Employees will work in more shifts to ensure social distancing is met.

They are required to wear a mask if during work they get closer than six feet to each other. The buffet lunches are not offered. The employees will still be able to order set meals. The company will also accommodate people who want to continue working from home.

The same does Twitter who has announced that they could even support working from home indefinitely, while they are planning to open their offices in September with caution and gradually. Now, Twitter has required specialized employees to return to the office for hardware and server repairs.

It may be that the world of offices changes. The working relationships we’ve already created would undergo significant challenges while building new aspects of every business.