Wake up and Taste the BlockChain!

We brought another Three experts to explore what is Blockchain and how it will affect your life….very, very soon?  The Event analyzed ICO, Security and Risks involved in cryptocurrencies. 



Jerry Qian, Founder, One Bounty https://openbounty.status.im/, founding organizer of The Bitcoin Bay, the largest and longest running Toronto Bitcoin meetup group. Jerry is working on OpenBounty, a project management platform utilizing smart contract transactions and collaborative platforms.

Aryan Nava, Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Blockchain Mind https://www.blockchainmind.com/ Aryan will help us understand the demand for Blockchain technologies and Cryptonomics – the economics protocols that govern the demand, production and consumption of Cryptocurrencies & helping clients to launch ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) on Ethereum & building smart parking using Blockchain and Hardware wallet .

Scott Howard. CEO, ePIC Blockchain Technologies https://www.epicblockchain.io/. The infrastructure required to mine cryptocurrencies. A massive business opportunity waiting, He connects tech companies with partnerships, channels, and capital to accelerate revenue growth. Converting business strategy into a predictable revenue engine that is multi-factor, not just sales.