Wake up and Smell the BlockChain!

Three experts explored, what is Blockchain and how it will affect your life….very, very soon?  The Event analyzed disruption impact of Blockchain on business models and wealth distribution.

Jenna Pilgrim, Director of Businesses Development, Blockchain Research Institute www.blockchainresearchinstitute.org  ($multi-million Institute, headed by Don Tapscott).
Jenna’s topic title will be “Blockchain – WTF is it? / Blockchain 101

Alan Wunsche, CEO & Chief Token Officer, www.TokenFunder.com
He brings hands-on technology experience as a finance and risk transformation executive at a global bank  (Scotiabank), management consulting (Deloitte, PwC), and startups. Alan will address “disruption impact of Blockchain on business models and wealth distribution”

Marc Lijour, Co-Founder, ColliderX www.collider-x.org

ColliderX is the world first crowdfunded R&D Hub focusing on Blockchain and Open source technologies (AI, AR/VR, IoT, Identity Management etc.). Marc aims to provide funding to important Free Software projects aiming to securing and maturing the blockchain infrastructure.