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Volunteers Meeting: April 18, 2008
photos of the meeting

The focus of the meeting was post-mortem of the IT360 show and follow ups. Renee undertook scanning of business cards. Cory and Vikas will pitch in if required.

Di Wright was awarded with the "Electronic Publishing Kit", a resource kit was put together after a workshop on the subject last year.

Hari will start marketing the Job placement for SIP Job Board next week.

We need event sponsor for next panel discussion, most likely "Internet Tools for Entrepreneurs", review the proposal to market the Event Sponsorship

All volunteers are considered member and they can take advantage of all affinity programs (except for Group Health Insurance). I encourage you to take advantage of Free Personal website (under your own domain name), you have to sign up on pay pal which will begin charging $125 starting next year.

Cory Popescu
Di Wright
Hari Rao
Max Haroon
Olga Goubar
Renee Liu
Vikas Ramrakha

CBC Atrium, Front Street, Toronto

Report of the IT360 Show -2008 including photos and video clips
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