Trends: AI-Driven Development

AI embedded in applications, AI functionality dominates IT development tools to boost the processes by becoming faster, more accurate, including more flexible and instantaneous features harmonizing with the customers’ requests. Artificial intelligence encompassed in most recently created software tools requires best practices to embed AI, to implement and coordinate between the groups of assigned developers and scientists.

For years, application development took a boost from AI being more prominent in the most recent years when some trends are emerging based on the involvement of infrastructure and platform developers and data specialists/scientists on one hand, and the production of AI-based solutions empowered by the possibility of customization at the particular customer site performed by independent developers on the other hand.

The outlook of building AI-powered solutions presents the following aspects which would likely have a potential impact on the development of labour, service markets and consumers trends:

Upon creating the AI-based software, part of the tools employed refer to AI infrastructure, AI platforms and AI frameworks thus used by data scientists and other tools become utilized by the professional developers who build targeted applications at the AI platform and AI services levels. The artificial intelligence platform is so powerful that the professional AI developers encompass AI-driven capabilities without the assistance of data scientists.

The professional developers apply capabilities of AI-based software to automate development tasks in a variety of areas of AI solution development: automated code generation, augmented analytics, automated testing, and automated solution development to deliver solutions according to the customers’ requests and provide users with relevant tools so that they can continue developing AI-driven applications upon acquiring these deliverables.

From their inception to present day, AI-powered tools which, initially revealed assistance and feature automation functions have improved extensively incorporating business domain and functional generation expertise while allowing for more complex automation in the process of Application Development.

Applications embedding artificial intelligence using NLP – Natural Language Processing – and emotions analytics continue to evolve and reach higher quality compared to previous AI software so it can assist the services industry in incredibly more efficient ways. Sectors, where the NLP machines would be employed, vary and some specific AI-powered tool are mentioned below:

  • machine translation tools to perform translations between different languages
  • chatbots used for the optimization of HR work, for instance, to answer the employees’ common questions “how many vacation days I have in one year?”
  • hiring assistants to help employment managers to sort through thousands of job applicants’ resumes
  • conversational search tools to assist employees or managers to instantly find information related to Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or critical financial information frequently needed in regular meetings for reports, analysis and growth which in a usual setting would take from minutes to hours to unravel.

Since AI-enabled application can perform tasks which were traditionally completed by humans, a shift in labour is expected. Traditional labour will upgrade its skills and the present performing AI tools will improve as well. The AI-powered tools delivered to business entities as services, continue to be enhanced and customized by independent developers who receive the predefined models from the data specialists and professional developers.

Empowering independent developers to tailor AI-enabled tools for their own business models represents a notable step forward to the generation of powerful applications based on artificial intelligence. The role of independent or “citizen developers” increasing frees up time and other resources such that professional AI developers and data scientists can work for the task at hand: discovering the fascinating power of artificial intelligence to serve the advancement of humankind.


Cory Popescu, SIP Writers’ Forum