The Excitement of Quantum Computing

Quantum physics is fascinating in theory and its future applications in computing industry will prove revolutionary as they already did in other industries, like electronics and scanners manufacturing, mobile phones, magnetic resonance imaging.

Quantum physics reveals the concept of “coherence superposition” as described in Quantum Engineering: Concept and Implementation and which in short represents the property of objects to be found at different locations as part of the same observation.

Considering the quantum superposition in the quantum computing it becomes possible to inquire on a large database running multiple queries in parallel consequently creating completely new methods to perform information processing.

It becomes possible to:

  • Create extremely high energy-efficient devices or equipment
  • Control and manage the exchange of energy between the electrons or other particles, including atoms with accuracy and sensitivity. Before this can be done, one must succeed controlling the energy of electrons, their spins and atoms in different phases: gas or crystal
  • Control an object of specific dimensions and realize the maximum dimensions one can control an object.
  • Search, prospect the limits of the quantum world related to controlling objects and particles
  • Create a massive computational power by controlling each quantum element in a device that contains more than 50 atoms

The unbelievable quantum physics concepts and their application would only become achievable if the appropriate specialists: scientists and engineers communicate accurately and timely to resolve the following issues:

  • find answers to important challenges from the scientific and technological viewpoint
  • create useful quantum computers to serve a defined purpose
  • build massive, comprehensive quantum computers

The excitement of planning to build the quantum computers does not stop at the physical, scientific and technical aspect. It also encompasses opening communication channels and commencing a new, nurturing and beneficial cooperation between companies which purpose consists of contributing to the creation of the big quantum computer and between these companies and the research groups which already have more advanced knowledge and experience in this field. These research groups would act like sources of knowledge and education which they share across industries and open with other organizations, companies including startups, universities and governmental science organizations and labs. Even with some advanced experiments taking place in the realm of quantum tech, there are still theoretical fundamentals to develop in order to shape the science which will permit the functional quantum computer to be built.

Creating the super-powerful quantum computer is a daunting task which requires congruent efforts from all sources available and willing to contribute to a harmonious understanding of our surrounding universe and for the advancement of humankind.


Cory Popescu