Tech Advances Humans’ Well-Being

Recently, progress at the microscopic level of the brain and a neat technology to annihilate pain caught the attention of cutting-edge med-tech promoters.

Whole-brain imaging

Discovering the technique to combine the microscopy at the cellular level in the brain with a nanoscale resolution, the scientists open new doors to finding new ways to track neural circuits, development and even behavior because they encompass significantly larger views without losing track of the occurrences at the very detailed nano-scale view.

Until the lattice light-sheet micrscopy and the expansion microscopy combined technology which intertwines the nano-scale view of neurons, and the microscopy of the living brain cells the scientists could not provide a comprehensive view including the large scale image of the studied part of the brain and the nanoscale configuration of the brain biomolecules. This type of image is crucial to advance knowledge in the recently little known brain research field which underwent accelerated, unprecendented growth in a short period of time.

Oska Pulse Electromagnetic Device

The device uses pulsed electromagnetic field PEMF to help reduce and eliminate at the cellular level the inflammation and pain of a body that experiences them. The device is created by Oska Wellness approved in record time by FDA and it is meant to provide an alternate way to ease pain, a natural, non-invasive and chemical free solution.

Knowing that the body cells communicate through electromagnetic frequencies, that every organ generates its own bioelectromagnetic signature, everything that happens in the body requires an electromagnetic exchange.  Electromagnetic energy controls the chemical reactions and chemical substances in the body. The chemistry controls the body tissues. During diseases, the human body experiences disruption of electromagnetic energy which consequently creates impaired cell metabolism.

Since in the body there is a lot of electric and magnetic bioactivity, the Oska Pulse electromagnetic device incorporating the PEMF therapy increases and decreases the cell activity by alternating the polarity of the electromagnetic field for the cell wall and eliminating the body toxins, generating a circulatory relief. The circulation of cells rebounds to normal levels, eliminating inflammation and pain at the cellular tissue level.

The device is relatively small, runs at a low frequency that penetrates into the tissue, it can be used under the clothing and it is rechargeable with a 20 hour charged battery life.

The two first-class novel technologies not only enrich the foundation of science and applied technology, they also achieve an important step in humans’ well-being, more profound knowledge of self.


Cory Popescu