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Become a SIP Volunteer & Raise Your Profile

SIP needs volunteers to help to plan and operate their initiatives and programs. You can work from home, guidance and coaching will be provided. You can put as much time as you can, the only requirement is your commitment and attitude.

Benefits of Volunteering
1. It is an excellent way to raise your profile.
2. Hone your networking skills. Build your network, and you never know if people in these groups or their network can help you in many ways.
3. Access to resources and many rewards.
4. Referral to our members and corporate members.
5. Free Professional membership. Review benefits of professional membership.
6. For a job well done you will get a good reference/testimonial/certificate of merit.
7. Profiled on Members and Volunteers Directories

We need volunteers with diverse skills, such technical, marketing, web design, IT - there is something for you to do provided you have the right attitude and potential.

A. Events Committee

Event Coordinator: Coordinate all aspects of the event planning and execution including recruitment/coordination of all volunteers for the event. Work with other coordinators of this committee.

Trade Show Coordinator: We participate in a number of conferences and expositions, and need volunteers to staff SIP booth at the shows.
Coordinator responsibilities include negotiating with Show Organisers and recruit volunteers and manage them at the show.

Promotions Coordinator: We need public relations type person to promote SIP and our events to other communities and media. Post flyers, press release to media (paper, radio, etc.).

Events Logistic Coordinators: Assisting in running the event for audio-video equipment, refreshments and registration desk. Taking photos and videos.

Speakers Coordinator
Find potential speakers and MC for meetings, seminars and workshops.

Sponsor Coordinator: Selling event sponsorship. Review the Sponsorship proposal.

B. Design & Web Committee

Website Project Coordinator:
A person to act as manager of designing/converting the SIP website and Members Directory Website projects. Work with the rest of the committee.

Website Usability Coordinator:
A person to edit, audit and check look and feel of SIP website.

Audio/Video Podcaster: A person to edit audio video files and post them to broadcast to SIP and other media websites.

Social Media Coordinator:
Plan a social media strategy and create a campaign.

Blogger:Maintain event blogs

Graphic Designer:
Familiar with Flash, Photoshop, illustrator, etc. to design banners, flyers, etc.

Web Master/Designer:
Familiar with architecting, designing and maintaining websites

Web Analytics Coordinator:
Familiar with architecting, designing and maintaining websites

C. Marketing & Communications Committee

Communications Coordinator
Writing and editing communications, such as proposals, media releases, plans and website.

Resource Coordinator:
Assist in recruiting volunteers for all committees and scout for resources required.

Funding Coordinator:
Source funding resources and make proposals

SIPpost Editor:
Write and edit e-Newsletters, edit articles and press releases.

PR Coordinator
Writing and editing communications, such as proposals, media releases, plans and website.

D. Advisory Board
We need community leaders to advise and steer SIP. There are only two Board meetings in a year.

Volunteer Application Form, you can indicate your interest for any of these subcommittees

Photos and Reports of Some Volunteering Meeting

For more information and interest, please contact Max Haroon

Volunteers Required, you need not be a member of SIP

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