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What is SIP?

The Society of Internet Professional (SIP) is a not-for-profit organization of professionals, businesses and organizations involved in the Internet. It was established in Toronto (Canada) in 1997.

SIP's mandate is to standardize Professional Internet Standards, Certification and Accreditation and assists its members in their training and keep them informed of new developments in their field.

SIP has chapters across North America and is currently expanding into other countries.



To enable professionals involved with the Internet to harness new technologies and embrace opportunities for success



The objectives of the Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) are to:

  • Standardize professional accreditation and certification
  • Facilitate professional development and learning
  • Enhance professionalism
  • Provide a forum for Internet business and career opportunities
  • Keep members abreast of developments in Internet technology
  • Form a network of talented professionals intent on collective success



Individual Members come from large and small organizations and companies and include independent professionals. Membership has many benefits.



Organizing monthly meetings for presentations and discussions of products, trends, and issues related to the Internet and Internetworking.

  • Establish certification programs
  • Facilitate projects in partnership with corporate sponsors
  • Facilitate members networking opportunities
  • Establish and manage a job database
  • Provide membership directory services
  • Publish the SIP newsletter INTERNET POST
  • Organize annual conferences
  • Take part in major exhibits
  • Operate a Training Centre
  • Operate an Employment Centre for Internet Professionals
  • Operate a Testing and Evaluating Centre
  • Organize an annual Conference



As a key part of its mandate, SIP provides education standards for Certified internet Professionals (CIP) in a number of streams, such as:

  • Webmaster
  • Systems Administration
  • Internet Security
  • e-Commerce

Certified membership in SIP is granted by meeting its requirements for qualifications, experience, continuing education and by observing its Code of Ethics.


Accredited Training Centre:

An education institution may apply to become a SIP Accredited Training Centre (ATC) to offer CIP courses. This valuable accreditation provides a guarantee to students and employers that your courses meet the Certified Internet Professional standards.


Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SIP has organized a number of business groups to provide an exciting forum where members can discuss issues/tools or conduct projects, assignements or seminars:

  • e-Security: Internet transactions, firewalls, risk assessment and mitigation
  • e-Learning: Collaboration and web-casting of classes
  • Net-preneurs: Business plans to obtain investment financing
  • SIP Institute: Workshops and seminars
  • e-Trading: On-line investment and trading
  • Web design: Design, quality assurance and development



The Society organizes monthly meetings that provide topical discussions, of products, trends, issues, and concerns about the development of the Internet. SIP was established in Toronto (Canada) 1997, with chapters in other cities. Please check here if you are interested in opening a chapter in your city.


Getting Involved

We would welcome your help in the following areas:

  • Web Master ...
  • Membership ...
  • Public Relations ...
  • Books Program ...
  • Training ...
  • Event Coordination ...
  • Conference ...
  • Certification ...
  • Chapter Coordination ...
  • Job Placement ...
  • Marketing ...
  • List Server ...
  • Training ...
  • Fund Raising ...

For more details see SIP Structure


Our future plans include:

  • Enroll Corporate Sponsors
  • Open Chapters across Canada, USA and abroad
  • Appoint a full-time Executive Director
  • Electronic News Letter
  • Co-operative Ventures
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