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Identity Theft & Fraud Resources

Identity theft is emerging as the most rapidly growing crime of the 21st century. According to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, one in five respondents has been the victim of identity fraud or theft. The threat is increasing significantly, and methods of identity theft are becoming more sophisticated every year.

If you are a victim of a credit card ID theft then Contact:

  • Credit Reporting Agencies: verify your phone and address, get your file flagged, ask what were the recent applications for credit ratings.
    1. Equifax 866-828-5961
    2. TransUnion 800-663-9980
  • Contact your credit card issuers/banks:
  • Report to your cell/mobile phone company (in case that is compromised).
  • Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 888-654-9426
  • Local Police
  • Get all credit card companies and cell compnies to upgarde your system of personal telphone security question (with a password) so that no one can make any changes withoiut the rigth password/question.

This page will also provide you information to obtain Identity Theft Kit

A. Canadian Public Agencies
Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario We have bundled some of their papers in our Kit (see below) and are grateful for their co-operation.

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

B. Financial Institutions and Some Useful Links:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Ontario Provincial Police
Canadian Revenue Agency
Market Place - Scams Alert
Canadian Association of Retired Persons Search Scams
Canadian Marketing Association CMA

Canadian Banker's Association
Canadian Securities Administrators
Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP)
Interac Association
Canadian Coalition against Insurance Fraud
Canadian Consumer Information
Canadian Council of Better Business bureaus
Master Card Canada
Visa Canada
Government of Canada - I.D.
Consumer Business Services (Ont.)
Financial Transactions and Reporting Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC_)
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
Missing Children - Child find Manitoba.
Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association
Bankruptcy Canada
The ABCs of Fraud
Advertising Standards of Canada

C. Identity Theft & Phishing Books
Books published by Wiley (members receive discount)
Books published by Prentice Hall, Pearson Group(members receive discount)

D. Center of Internet Security expertise
The CERT Coordination Center receives many calls and emails from people asking whether or not a message they received via email is true or not. The following list of resources can help you separate the hoaxes from the valid warnings. (In addition to these resources, there are also several papers in section VII. Papers and Articles that discuss how to identify a hoax.)

E. Miscellaneous
How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure

Fighting Identity Theft: A Guide

F. Books at Discount
Published by Wiley
Published by PTR

Identity Theft Kit (available from SIP)


A. Presentations (from a Panel of a police officer, a security expert and an academia)

    • Joseph Iuso, President, Use My Bank
    • Gary O'Brien, Detective Sergeant, Ontario Provincial Police
    • Yufei Yuan, Chair of Business Innovation, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University
    • Shanna Sederoff, Manager Incident Respond, Barndimensions Inc

B. Useful Tools & Guides:

  1. Identity Theft: Businesses Take Note - Steps to Protect Customer Personal Information
  2. *Identity Theft: How to Protect Yourself
  3. *Identity Theft Revisited: Security is Not Enough
  4. *Identity Theft: Who is Using Your Name?
  5. ID Theft Books List & How to get them at discount

    * Complimentary Guides, published by Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

C. List of Websites to get more Resources

  • Identity Theft & Fraud Reporting Resources, listing many financial institutions, credit agencies,
    law enforcements, etc.
  • Access to a private resource page with hyperlinks to the above resources.

D. Bonus through our Corporate Members

  1. Risk Assessment Guide for Various types of Identity Theft
  2. Free subscription to a ID Theft newsletter

Price of the Kit: $40 plus shipping
Pay online to purchase the Kit: $40

Please email or call 416-891-4937 for further details.


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