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A. Profiling Documents
G002: The SIP Profile
G003: Membership Benefits
Benefit Comparison of Associate & Profess Membership
G004: Corporate Sponsorship Benefits
B. Technical Competencies of Various Internet Professionals
A105: Common Technical Competencies of Various Internet Professionals

A106: Web Technology Competencies

A107: Web Designing Competencies
A108: Web Management Competencies
A109: Web Development Competencies
A110: Internet Privacy Competencies
A111: e-Business Competencies
A112: e-Learning Competencies
A114: SEO Competencies
C. Forms
1. F201: Membership Application Form
9. F203: Corporate Application Form
F. Miscellaneous Documents
Book Reviews
SIP Privacy Policy
SIP Web site Terms of Use
SIP Membership Agreement and Code of Ethics
Newsletter Archive

Presentations Archive

SIP Code of Ethics
H. Presentations
P401: SIP Profile
P402: Accredited Internet Professional (AIP)
P403: Opening a SIP Chapter in your city

SIP Meeting/Event
AIC Event with SIP

SMX Show 2011

14 Anniversary Celebrations,
Mar 21, 2011

Summerlicious Lunch, July 12, 2010

e-Publishing 2010

Holiday Dinner 2009

SES 2009 Conference & Expo

Dinner 2009

IT360 2008

Career Fair: 2008

Web 2.0: Social Networks 2008

Sept. 2007 SIP Meeting

Identity Theft 2006

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