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Crowd Sourcing
From Collaboration to Crowdsourcing

Publishing Basics, courtesy of RJ Communications
Resources compiled by Di Wright, SIPpostEditor
Digital Publishing Kit , based on Digital Publishing Workshop hosted by SIP

Social Networking/Wiki/Web 2.0
Wiki/Web 2.0

Security/Identity Theft/Privacy
Spamming and Stalking
Business Continuity Planning for Information Security
Identity Theft

A guide comparing password managers

Careers & Professional Development

A guide to starting a running a tech business

Liability “blind spots?that technology professionals

An ebook on contracts for tech professionals

A guide to cyberstalking to help people understand what it is and what to do if you are a victim

Career Opportunities


Web Standards & Usability
Books on Usability
Usability Websites
More Resources

Content Management System
Some Resources


Explore some resources by MARKETO

Definitive Guides
Cheat Sheets
Success Kits

Tomorrpws Marketers

E-Mail Campaign & e-Marketing
Seven Steps to e-Marketing

Internet Law

SIP Documents & Presentations
Documents and Forms
Some Presentations from Past Seminars
SIPpost Archives
Symposiums Brochures
Workshop Brochures
More Archives
Explore our website : useful links of

Reviews & Sourcing of Internet Books

Competencies for Various Job Streams
Competencies Developed for our AIP Program

Some Freebies - Must for Computer with Windows
Free Software picks of Kim Kommando
Review of Software
Links to various interesting web sites
Articles and White Papers by SIP members





Pics From Our Events since 1997
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