Quantum Engineering: Concept and Implementation

Since their discovery, quantum concepts have been mind-boggling because they disrupt our traditional thinking about us and everything the surrounds us and that we perceive. The consistency of our knowledge breaks down along with Newton’s laws in classical physics.

Our environment consists of elements which manifest as both particles, discreet and waves, continuous. Particles represent components which for instance can be electrons rotating around a nucleus. Waves represent a different perspective of the same matter, they interfere with each other and it shows a continuity of the matter. Therefore, the microscopic world can show us these various and queer aspects of the matter that we know differently in everyday life.

In quantum physics, every object, no matter how “big” it is it can “be found” in multiple places. Even this building with multiple stories everything in it, lifeless objects and lively persons can be found in two or more places at the same time. What we have learned must be suspended or forgotten and accept that on a specific level in the universe, this building appears to any sensors in two or more places. The states of the building are in “coherent superposition” or superposition of quantum states as they are named in quantum physics. Compared to concepts in our daily living, this reveals that information transfer is viewed in a profoundly different way.

This is a fundamental observation which keeps revealing to scientists, engineers and anyone who experiments with quantum energies for over a century. A variety of experiments have proved the undeniable existence of objects as both particles and waves. Since early 20th century the experiments have developed and showed at different physical levels that “coherent superpositions” occur more frequently than we initially believed. In hospitals, the MRI, magnetic resonance imaging machines include the  quantum technology using advances in quantum sensing to improve irregularities detection, increase image resolution and release significantly better results.

Nowadays leading organizations start investing gradually in this idea of quantum superposition, equally weird and nonetheless proved true. Each advance in theoretical quantum science gives the opportunity to companies in different industries to exploit it at a future date.

Cory Popescu