Society of Internet Professional




SIP has conducted more than 100 events of various types, such as seminars, workshop, participation at conferences&expositions, since 1997.
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Few selected seminar/panel discussions:

16th Anniversary Celebrations, Nov 7, 2013

15th Anniversary Celebrations, Jan 15, 2013
14th Anniversary Celebrations, Mar 21, 2011
Web Standards & Functionalities, Sep. 15 2011
Non-Verbal Communication, May 19 2011
Summerlicious Lunch 2011 at ROM
e-Publishing 2010
Annual Meeting June 24, 2009
Web 2.0: Social Networks 2008
Web 2.0: Social Networks and Wikis Nov. 28, 2007
CTN/SIP Meeting on e-Marketing Nov 1, 2007
SIP 10 th Anniversary Celebrations Apr. 10. 2007
Seminar: A Successful Website Sep. 26, 2007
Sept. 2007 SIP Meeting
Identity Theft Feb 28, 2006

SIP Participation at various Conferences & Expos

SMX Show 2011

SES 2009: June 8-9, 2009

April 7-9, 2008

April 8-9, 2008

Sep 26, 2007, a multimedia Report

& Career fair May 2007

Annual Meetings/Celebrations
14 Anniversary Celebrations, Mar 21, 2011

Holiday Dinner 2009

Annual Dinner June 24, 2009

Holiday Lunch 2011

Volunteers Meetings

SIP Volunteers Meeting on Sep. 15, 2011
SIP Volunteers Meeting on Aug. 25, 2011

Review Photographs -Part 2 for more events

Pics From Our Events since 1997
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