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On behalf of the Personal Computer Club of Toronto I would like to invite
the members of The Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) to attend our
General Meeting and hear our guest presenter on November 15, 2005.

The presenter is Jason Porter, Director of Sales, Edentity Web Systems.

Below is a description of his subject, company and presenter.

Edentity Web Systems will be discussing Content Management Systems, and the
latest version of their Web Content Management System (CMS). Version 2.0
introduces Agility Hosted; a hosted CMS solution that provides user friendly
tools, that any organization can use to manage their Web site content
without the costs associated with owning or managing their own hardware and

Agility CMS targets end users as well as the .NET developer community.
Developers are encouraged to download Agility SDK tool and quickly develop
Agility enabled web sites.

Luca Gorlero - Director of Business Development, a project and account
manager to Fortune 500 companies, Luca has been responsible for the delivery
of major web applications in Europe and North America.

Jason Porter - Director of Sales, has served as a consultant for various
organizations, including The Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection
and Emergency Preparedness Cyber-Terrorism team, the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police, and CSIS.

See also their website:

We thought this might be of interest to your members and allow some
networking between our organizations.

There will be no charge to members of The Society of Internet Professionals
(SIP) to attend the meeting. I assume that you have membership cards that
they can show at our registration desk. If not, we could use a list of your
members as a check in.

We have coffee & cookies at a nominal cost at the meeting.

Meeting Details:
Date – Tuesday, November 15. 2005
Time – Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.
Location - Beth Tikvah Synagogue located at 3080 Bayview Ave. (2 lights
north of Sheppard Ave). (Entrance at South Side of Building and proceed to
basement – security will direct on how to get to our meeting)

More information is available on our PCCT website –


















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