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Buying Xanax Amsterdam, Alprazolam Buy Uk

We encourage you to participate in many of our activities, initiatives and affinity program and be part of a professional association to enhance your professionalism.


SIP Programs

We encourage SIP members to participate in our initiatives and activities:


  • Networking events with Business and Internet experts
  • Educational Workshop by leading technology leaders
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Competencies for various tasks and jobs related to the Internet professionals.
  • Annual SIP Conference 
  • Innovative Website Award (only open for social causes and not-for-profits)

A Social Entrepreneurship Certificate program, available to members at no charge to accelerate your success in social or business entrepreneurship.  

Professional Code of Ethics

  1. Members are required to abide by SIP Professional Code of Ethics.  This recognition helps professional members to build trust in their dealings with the Industry and the public.

Affinity Programs for Members

Take advantage of many affinity programs (preferred pricing) with our corporate sponsors:

Order Xanax Pills Online

Best Online Xanax Forum

– Web Design and SEO package

– Branding on Social Media

More programs are being added.

Additional Benefits

  • Active Members are profiled in Members Directory
  • Membership Card is awarded
  • We award SIP Pins to members who have contributed to the community
  • Access to Industry Resources & Presentations

Buy Green Xanax Bars OnlineSubscribe to SIPpost, our monthly newsletter of Tech. Briefs. SIPpost is distributed to over 4,000 subscribers.

Purchase Xanax Online

SIP Job Board is both for Job Seekers & employers. Explore IT jobs and register your resume. Claim your free copy of the book “7 Steps Strategy for Career Success” by Max Haroon, the Founder of SIP.   

For 2017 on the occasion of SIP 20th Anniversary Celebration,
we have reduced the annual dues to only $100