Industrial Quantum Engineering Applications

Over a century ago science was able to reveal great and mysterious concepts about our very surroundings, about every atom included in our nearby environment and about the fascinating, unknown world of sub-atoms. Industries and companies have been looking at different ways of implementing these shocking discoveries to significantly improve production, processes and final results.

Certain industries have shown remarkable progress in incorporating quantum physics knowledge in: science related to understanding the beginnings, the nature and the evolution of our universe, related to chemical reactions at levels we have not explored before, as well as related to understanding complex physical phenomena at sub-atomic level, telecommunications, media, air travel and other kinds of transportation, gas and oil, electronics industry, computers and many other industries.

The UK economy, a leader in implementing powerful quantum technologies  is on the way to put it into effect across many industries and to commercialize these emerging cutting-edge technologies could become a billion dollar business. In the UK oil and gas industry for example, the introduction of latest quantum technologies would have a remarkable impact on the processes regarding their systems and devices controlling the pipes. <According to this article, the oil and gas pipes under the sea require close and continuous monitoring as well as timely intervention in different situations. Currently, this industry experiences serious challenges related to understanding the state of the underwater pipes. The sensors incorporated in the most recent quantum devices would help the specialists receive increasingly better signals about the current state of pipe infrastructure, can help them to make better decisions and resolve the issues “in a more precise and cost-effective manner”. The latest quantum devices embed the powerful capacity to a complete control of the entire system to as deep as the sub-atomic level.

The electronics industry was revolutionized by the quantum theory which applications also have helped the development of the superconductors, the flash storage in computers, mobile phones, in MRI, magnetic resonance imaging machines in hospitals, and in various scanners. It also made transistors and created a totally novel way of telecommunication from the old analog telegraph to radio, tv and integrated chips TVs and computer. They rely on the quantum effects of matter where billions, trillions of electrons entangle to create new forces and manipulate energy for our purposes.

The latest quantum developments refer to controlling the energy of single electrons to act according to set parameters. The manipulation of sub-particles such as electrons to perform task we desire constitutes more than “remote control”. It takes place in an environment where the influences upon each other play a decisive role. Controlling the quantum energy has notable consequences in biology field which applications can be used in medicine to cure terminal diseases or biological malformations.

Right at the start of the quantum tech era, building computers based on this technology has been a topic much discussed and we will develop this topic in a future blog.

The breakthroughs in this intriguing tech field are so exciting that new frontiers are being opened sometimes unexpectedly and more often than any time before in a variety of areas and sectors.

Cory Popescu