How Helpful Is a HAT?

Help authoring tool

Help authoring tools (HAT) are programs that help technical writers to create and document online help systems.

Technical writers use HAT for writing and managing documents. Then, they also use a set of tools for working with images for image editing and manipulation, and screenshot tools. Such tools help you create relevant illustrations to explain your product, or service better regardless of whether it’s software or not.

Among the best performing HAT, HelpNDoc is one of the best. HelpNDoc is a help authoring tool on Windows published by the French company IBE Software.

The following aspects make it flexible, viable for projects and ready to automate HAT tools at your fingertips.

HelpNDoc interface feels very familiar, user-friendly as it follows Microsoft Word’s. HelpNDoc help authoring tool makes it easy and efficient to store and edit all media elements: pictures, videos, documents, HTML code snippets and variables.

HelpNDoc help authoring tool can generate formatted files and save them into multiple formats; later file conversions don’t even need to take place as it’s already done for you. Easy updates as changes in the library update the documents easily at any time.

Easy to automate what repeats frequently as you have the option to create scripts easily. You can also automate uncommon tasks for extreme scenarios in HelpNDoc help authoring tool.

It associates help identifiers and numbers used with other programming languages by automatically generating appropriate source code. You can instantly locate broken, misspelled links, missing elements or duplicate media components assisted by the built-in project analyzer embedded in HelpNDoc help authoring tool.

You can produce reports, and at the final time of printing your app final version, you can name the variables. Before generating the final program, the variable can take any name as place-holders before you generate the code for the final version and can input it at a later time and all the placeholders. For instance, if you only know the name of the application at the generation time, and not before you can input any character that will be replaced automatically.

You can create customizable reports to review important project statistics. Documents can be arranged by topics in HelpNDoc help authoring tool visual document representation. You can learn HelpNDoc help authoring tools fast as the commands are easy to grasp. HelpNDoc help authoring tool professional version is reasonably priced and it comes completely free for evaluation purposes or for personal use.