Exploring Cyberspace

Internet Monitor and internet data Dashboard represents a new mechanism used for public and private evidence base decision making aiming to become a critical tool in the future of the internet.

The launch of the Internet Monitor dashboard could be shaping the internet to come in various communities where researchers, policymakers, advocates and users work together to improve regions and areas. It provides information analysis and visualization thus helping all community users to understand internet trends.

Why this freely accessible tool appeared? To help understand how the internet is working and can be easily shareable between its users which now count up to more than three billion across world nations.

The Internet Monitor Dashboard has started at Berkman Center for Internet & Society by Harvard University to help evaluate, encapsulate and describe mechanisms, tools and the magnitude of the content controls of internet throughout the world.

One of the Berkman Center’s goals is to nurture an internet without borders, affordable and interoperable which can serve the public interest in any part of the world in a simple and painless manner. The Monitor Dashboard supports customization of collections of data which describe:

  • Digital activity
  • Internet access
  • Networks infrastructure
  • Online content control

Dashboard visitors can create various data collections and can be compared effortlessly across countries and sources. These collections allow:

  • Easy Configuration
  • Editing
  • Sharing

The same dashboard visitors can also view existing data collections in reference to network traffic control and online media.

The leaders of the Internet Monitor project seem satisfied with the informative view and the knowledge that the public, policymakers, researchers, and journalists can stem from it. Future of the Internet Initiative has partnered with the Internet Monitor research project of Berkman Center to more efficiently access existing data focused on new developments and key events over the internet and throughout nations and make the data which is not yet accessible, not yet created easier to be found, accessed and shared.

New data is becoming part of the internet every day and with current partners of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society the online visitors will get invaluable information on the state of the global internet while continuing to integrate and find new sets of quantitative data from various independent, trustworthy and sophisticated sources.

Some of these partners and their data contributions follow below:

  • Media Cloud provides online media data across countries
  • Herdict crowdsources data about websites unavailability
  • Kaspersky provides data on cyber attacks, spam and virus infections
  • Akamai informs on connection speeds, web traffic, cyber incidents at the country-level

An important point to remember consists of the crucial fact that the internet remains widely open and has no central hub, no data referring to its size and scope. With the current research developing the Internet Monitor Dashboard, any member of the public would be able to get informed on the state, scope and the future of the internet.



Cory Popescu, SIP Writers’ Forum