Discover ElliQ for Happier Aging

A novel technology gadget, called ElliQ represents a one-of-a kind voice assistant from the Israeli three year old company named Intuition Robotics, aimed specifically to seniors, designed and exhibited at CES 2019 in Las Vegas the trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association, in the USA.

This is a world-class device for elderly adults living at home and acting as a companion helping them to be more connected to the family members and the outside world to keep them sharp, engaged, and satisfied about how they can communicate while supporting them to live a better life.

The electronics assistant exhibits a physical form with lights and can move or rotate – the creators present this device as a “she”. Her appearance seems a device “alive” talking with people through her voice and who can entertain conversations easily. She helps the elderly with video calls, photos, play games, view messaging, curates content: video, news, music and can do other things which now prove common, such as surfing the internet, browsing specific websites and searching for certain keywords of interest.

ElliQ helps them with daily reminders for regular activities: nutrition, hydration, medication, doctor appointments, other events they have to participate in, have the family members check in to know their status. All this information can be displayed on her screen thus making the messages conveniently readable by the users. Other communication features include customization by recommending personalized activities to promote active life for ElliQ’s users based on the shots provided by the built-in cameras.

This is a proactive device which can activate by itself, turning on and initiating interactions without waiting for the seniors, and end users to start ElliQ. This piece of advanced equipment supports the remote capability represented by an app which can be accessed by the elderly loved ones and their care givers.

The company just released the most recent version of ElliQ which is available at

and for a one time low price plus a regular monthly subscription for the content and client support, the users have the convenience to access ElliQ with all features which makes the lives of seniors more comfortable, effective and pleasant.

Cory Popescu, SIP Writers’ Forum