Development of SAS AI Solutions

In combination with AI, SAS as the Statistical Analysis System (Software) of choice provides solutions to develop relationships with clients, your teams, and partners to move your business forward. SAS AI provides a platform to respond quicker to the changing business needs, supporting various environments and higher scalability.

SAS AI provides solutions in different areas, such as computer vision, natural language, processing, forecasting and optimization, and machine learning.

Since AI has been more employed in business applications, it became crucial to analyze the relationship between people and AI. People, as in the most common case, the employees, the members of the team could work on automated routines. Leaving to the software to follow the routine procedures, humans will stop wasting resources on repetitive tasks, and can use their creativity to generate ingenuous ideas, in activities within banking, manufacturing and government.

In banking, the SAS AI solutions can spot fraudulent transactions fast, adopt credit and risk rating quickly, and in manufacturing, the applications highlight the areas in which they can improve efficiently, by opting for removal of costly scrap, defects, rework. If quality issues arise, they will be spotted earlier in production stages when less replacement and rework is necessary, all leading to higher production yield.

In the Government sector, fraud detection means also identifying inaccuracies in payments, promote efficiency of programs, calculate and recommend superior efficiency for new programs as the selection of rules, themes, frameworks for these programs improves effectiveness.

Some companies choose to use SAS AI software to improve their customer relationships and provide efficient feedback for customer experiences. The management of these companies engage applications which allow them to learn continuously, receive clarification, ideas, useful input from customers to create products of higher quality.

Some companies which policies have been developed in the past aid to reflect customer behaviour, as it happens in telecommunications mobile industry, where the number of complaints can make or break a product. The industry is moving fast changing products and the way customers interact with them allowing for rapid decline in complaints, an important factor in their business.

Healthcare represents another sector where the SAS AI solutions are implemented with undeniable success in diagnosis of brain tumour and variations of liver cancer. Using SAS AI in the finance industry means sales increase, less wasted time and having more revenue.

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Cory Popescu