Cyber Innovation

Without expanding frontiers of digital innovation Canadian firms and all sources would not be able to substantially contribute to the continuous Canadian economic growth. With digital infrastructure developments, their shortcomings and challenges come along like those already mentioned in the previous article Cyber security challenges and solutions. While growing the digital networks and the digital economy the cyber security industry is developing as well marking significant growth for the 21st century various industries. Cyber security represents the foundation for protecting the numerous sources of digital innovation in the Canadian economy, becoming a compelling and meaningful root of innovation across the economy.

The need, the development and the application of innovative tools, skills, concepts leads to growing and incorporating novel solutions to expand innovation. They could encompass the following actions based on the rising capabilities that most recent cutting-edge cyber networks offer:

Cyber security being the reason behind massive innovation taking place in various sectors of the economy, it promotes business development through creating new horizons for technology

The Canadian government is taking the lead to commence investing in development and application of new skill sets related to the design, implementation and effective use of secure cyber networks in order to ensure the minimization of cyber skills gap. Some of these include: coding, programming, and installation just to enumerate a few which will significantly contribute to building the future of Canada’s labour force.

Increasing the quality of available information so that cyber trends are understood, analyzed and applied in a sensible manner; understanding correctly the cyber threats and opportunities by us all, firms, organizations and people represents one of major points in Canadian cyber strategy established by the federal government

Communication across all sectors, industries and fields regardless whether they are public or private proves critical to ensure all actions are taken with efficient outcomes.

The birth and the implementation of the cyber security in Canada’s networks and promoting it throughout the world is resulting in important benefits for the prosperity of the nation. They imply the existence and development of various mechanisms such as:

Building enhanced security for online transactions on platforms where businesses, government and other parties will conduct business

Generate awareness around the systems and networks security used by all organizations including the small-size which do not have sufficient resources to create their by receiving expert advice, intelligence and direction from the government entities at all levels while accessing cyber security tools and information.

Increase cyber security and digital abilities of each individual by creating initiatives in numerous Canadian communities such as schools, research institutions, and a variety of organizations whether private or public, investing in the education and work experience of Canadians in order to better handle the challenges, developments and expansion of the digital economy.

While cyber systems and their security develop, so other information systems which platform could dramatically change and transform and its future basis could be the quantum technology. This advanced platform could bring progressive technologies and radical benefits like much faster information processing and significantly more secure across economy sectors one of the most critical which awaits drastic improvements constitutes the optimization of medical treatments.

Data and transaction security would become inherent to the advanced quantum computers and networks, superior and harder to breach. However, in the current systems networks, the introduction and use of quantum encryption could breach today’s network cyber defense, and therefore it has to be implemented along with the quantum systems which support corresponding encryption.

As a leader in both cyber security systems and quantum computing research, development and implementation the Canadian participant firms and organizations promote the findings and related products and services to the world with the continuous guidance and support from the Canadian cyber strategy.


Cory Popescu