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On each category you can set a Category template style, a Top post style (grids) and a module type for article listing. Also each top post style (grids) have 5 different look style. You can mix them to create a beautiful and unique category page.

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Celestica Location : Toronto ON CA Communicating status updates regarding the project to IT and business stakeholders. What’s in it for you? Req # 4861...

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Pixelcarve Inc. Location : Toronto ON CA And can prove it. Young or old, if you have the stuff we’ll know it. Looking for Top...

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Leeds Grenville Location : Brockville ON CA IT Network Administrator - Software. CS-18-101 IT Network Administrator - Software, PFT.pdf. The Network Administrators provide first level...

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ITR INC. Location : Toronto ON CA Ensure that system solutions meet the business specifications and adhere to quality standards. 6+ years of proven work...

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Simon Fraser University Location : Burnaby BC CA Systems and software installation.  Good knowledge of IT Service Desk tools and processes (i.e., Information Technology...

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Manulife Location : Toronto ON CA This position is for a Business Systems Analyst to join a growing team within Investment Technology – Systems Services....

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Myant Location : Toronto ON CA Familiarity with functional programming. The sensors and actuators embedded within our apparel connect your body to the digital world,...

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Accenture Location : Montréal QC CA The Business Analyst (BA) is responsible for optimizing business processes, analyzing data and defining requirements for technology solutions in...

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MaxPeople Location : Richmond Hill ON CA The candidate must be proficient with Excel and have a solid understanding of online marketing best practices.... More >> ...

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Canada Goose Location : Toronto ON CA Preparing and maintain meeting materials, business presentations and other department files. Experience working in an IT Organization or...
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