Canada Picks #1 Spot in AI

Canada is placing major investments in the AI industry and positions the country at the top of International AI Research with important capabilities for productivity and expansion.

With an initial $125 million funding of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy AI, the Canadian Institute For Advanced Research (CIFAR) partners with newly established scientific centres from Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto to boost the AI developments and expand them around the world. The research is driven by major goals and expects outstanding results for out-of-the-box challenges.

Among the goals of the AI strategy one can count the following:

  • Create and support a sound national AI research community
  • Develop the legal, ethical framework related to the implications of artificial intelligence penetration and implementation in the economy and society while advancing the world thought leadership on artificial intelligence
  • Growing the number of Canadian skilled graduates and artificial intelligence researchers while building relevant connections between the specific scientific centres of artificial intelligence in major Canadian cities

Expected Results

  • Stimulate academic research in artificial intelligence by increasing innovation and producing world-class results
  • Canadian AI industry and universities become an important platform to attract, grow, and retain exceptional specialists in artificial intelligence
  • Enhance Canada as a worldwide promoter of research and training in artificial intelligence, improve collaboration between centres of AI research excellence within Canada and those and the international locations for artificial intelligence development.
  • Accelerate the implementation and application of AI research in the Canadian private and public sectors for economic and social progress and help spread effectively outstanding results across the world

Large corporations find themselves at the forefront of investments and implementation of artificial intelligence and some of them are looking to establish crucial locations in Canada:

Nvidia and Micron Technologies, Intel chip manufacturers

Microsoft develops cloud-based tools for human language technologies, precision medicine, to read medical images.

Alphabet and Google invest massively in AI to rebuild health care data infrastructure, stimulate research and find solutions

Facebook with a massive high-quality data sets artificial intelligence is driving its News Feed algorithm, screening for false news, empowering facial recognition, implementing new chatbot and virtual assistant technology, with an ambitious goal of achieving human level seeing, hearing, talking

While China announced its ardent goal to lead the world in AI by 2030, two of its tech giants will play a dominant role Tencent, the China’s social media, and Baidu, search technology company, the most advanced AI company in China.

Will the internet help the major increase and development of Canadian AI research? It could contribute substantially to using the massive quantity of data which originates from the global internet. An AI system can bridge the gap between mountains of raw data and the focused results companies want to boost productivity, increasing the returns while monitoring operational costs.

And as a consequence of AI promotion, implementation and applications across industries, AI could contribute almost 16 trillion internationally in the next decade.