Can Tech Help in a Downturn?


When a decline occurs, the society concentrates on the consequences and how to fix them quickly and not on the cause. What happens if the cause is still feeding the beast that continue to develop and devour all around? In time we’ve got to switch the attention from the outcome to the source and realize that proactive is critical for you, all around you. Each has to take seriously their vital role in reducing the fatal effects of a deterioration.

Various and lots of information does not mean proper, satisfying and valid information. You have heard that the corona crisis could bankrupt airlines in two months, and players in essential services could close down, GE and Boeing ask for bailout and why not bail out the other businesses? Why some of you go to work and some stay in quarantine. Sounds familiar!

And yet there is always something to do about it, and be alert that not all you receive it is true. You can always check what are the current authority updates on corona and inform yourself. The rest is up to you how you handle, digest this info and want to succeed well, safe and healthy from the crisis. The good choices about the news reading and its interpretations are up to you, considering also the law of the land. What the government sites place as latest information, check out how to get help, what to do in case you feel uncomfortable and that it might have caught you.

In fact, realize that it depends on you and less on the environment, less on the tech, or bosses, relatives and friends and keep, create and develop relationships whether new or existing in the social distancing way. Keep listening to yourself, and you discover the remarkable you who you’re enhancing now, improve and strengthen. And the tech helps, for instance in the social media you could join who you feel it best suits what you think, how you act, what you perceive. Even if you get some help from businesses, you can see that the government comes in with its piece about how they see the whole entity be it the country, the region, town or city.

You’ve made the incredible step towards seeing yourself as the most reliable entity for you and acting thereupon with courage, spirit and assurance. And without effort, you are the one strong, who adapts to becoming cool, relaxed, composed in the face of what many haven’t experienced before at such scale. Check it out if for yourself, now the time presents itself with a gift to know you more, improve and get stronger for a different once again augmented life. When you look for, you will find some parts in you that focus on your growth, you can reach to a plethora of tools, apps if you figure their usefulness. Reach to your current space, perceived as limited and find that it covers a bigger horizon, a vast assembly of elements that make you more valuable to the community. Those who truly need more help than you.

You might find disappointing that all what you do is to rely on yourself, and less on technology now. Or you could find yourself empowered. Your unique, peculiar present experience shows the mirror of what you think it fits perfectly into the current equation, the surrounding environment. This occurs as you and all others, we altogether go along to manifest the new functional status of the planet with more or less tech gizmos.

Cory Popescu