Building Canada’s Cyber Security: Essentials

Within past decades, along with the software development, more malicious software makes its way in the networks and computers of different organizations, large or small, private, public or governmental, existing or newly created. Therefore, the Cyber security Strategy established by the Government of Canada is designed to stay, and develop to counteract the existing vulnerability of networks of all types which could become the target of any organization or threatening acting from any location in the world.

The implementation of the Canadian Cyber Strategy is based on the following:

Freedom exists with privacy and security since security cannot exist without privacy and vice-versa.

The cyber threats and cyber crimes have multiplied exponentially. It is much easier today for malicious acting individuals, groups, organizations, networks, states or any other form to have access to extremely powerful and malevolent software, so the probability for software damage from such sources could only expand because every day new transactions of services and products move online.

The location of cyber criminals can be at any point in the world therefore reliable methods and congruent efforts from allied law enforcement and other organizations dedicated to protect privacy and security should be employed to overcome the malevolent cyber actions.

Victims of cyber crimes would not be only organizations, they can be individuals, or groups targeted by the malevolent cyber actors and usually they are conducted for the purpose of cash. Cyber criminals are also those who come in the lives of the victims offering help in exchange for money.

These criminals break the systems and steal online sensitive, private information such as credit card data, social insurance numbers, and use them further and/or sell them in criminal marketplaces.

Other groups of malevolent cyber actors who operate on a large scale consist of

  • state-sponsored actors
  • nation states

who use the latest high-tech to illegally acquire classified business strategies, intellectual property from other states and make it available to their own sponsors and states for their own benefits and competitive edge.

Threats and hostile activity geared to the public safety and national security attacking government computer systems, democratic institutions and vital infrastructure are within the range of usual activities of malevolent cyber actors of some nation states which use advanced cyber software and equipment to achieve their malicious goals.

With this image of hacker-players whose numbers are continuously increasing in the more advanced and more connected cyber networks across our planet, the need for reliable, protected infrastructures with safe and secure online services becomes obvious.


Cory Popescu, SIP Writers’ Forum