Breakthrough Earbuds

First published on the blog of the Society of Internet Professionals (SIP). SIP is a not-for-profit, Toronto (Canada) based International organization to connect, learn and share. Our Vision is to provide the opportunity to leverage technology to have an inclusive future for everyone.  Since 1997, SIP has spearheaded many initiatives, educational programs, and networking events.

Ever wonder how we can understand each other in this open world and speaking a multitude of different languages?

Google already created this amazing tool Google Translate which has a conversation feature. Using the iOS and the Android apps two users can speak while it automatically learns what languages they are speaking and then translates them. There are issues with the layout of the conversation since background noise represents a significant barrier to people’s talking, making it hard to recognize when one person has stopped speaking acknowledging the start of the translation.

These issues seem to be fixed by Pixel Buds because while talking, the wearer taps and holds a finger on the right earbud. Each person in the conversation has control over one microphone and they are not passing the phone to one another to talk. This way they are splitting the interaction between the earbuds and the phone.

Pixel Buds earbuds created by Google can work with Pixel smartphones and Google Translate app to produce what it is called near-real-time translation. Thanks to this easy to use device, translation now works for an expanding number of languages.

From their inception, Pixel Buds is the result of a modest design. They may not fit well in your ears and the looks can be overwhelmingly improved. Sometimes setting them up with a phone represents a challenge.

If we connect with the cult sci-fi classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the yellow Babel fish earbuds create instant translations.

Nowadays, global world needs open communications and constantly barriers appear while people from different backgrounds communicate in different languages. To appease these difficulties two companies Google and Baidu cooperate to create this powerful device. One person holds a phone and another one wears the earbuds. The person wearing the earbud speaks in their language, the app translates the conversation while playing it loud on the phone at the other end. The person listening on the phone responds. The app translates the response and transmits it through the earbuds. It does it seamlessly and no effort is required from the people who entertain the conversation.

The Pixel Buds take an important step forward to real-time translations. They create more intelligible conversations for applications which require instant translations.


Author: Cory Popescu