Blockchain: Efficiency and Data Security

How to define your blockchain assets in a management platform and to protect data privacy represents a challenge that business are facing when selecting between tools to increase the efficiency in different areas and to safeguard against unwanted cyber and other kind of security and privacy threats.

Therefore, some IT companies have built tools to deal with customer personal data, enabling businesses and other users to employ applications and blockchain technology to manage customer based permissions, preferences, and consent. The software provides a cloud-based blockchain application which incorporates various features where the customer defines, controls and manages their assets using a shared data ledger and it saves on costs which otherwise would be used to build the infrastructure.

Around blockchain a data privacy management platform is built to comply with privacy and data security regulations across sectors, countries and larger organizations such as EU GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), and the Cookie Law world-wide.

One of the tools used to support privacy management in a blockchain solution is the audience management which helps organize the customers employing your products and services according to their interest, preferences and categories of customers, for example, one can organize the audiences based on their preferences to buy certain products, depending on the demographics, age, occupation, preferences about the hobbies, recreational activities, how they spend their leisure, and based on their life-style taking into account the main activities: do they run businesses, manage departments, are they employees or self-employed.

Another tool to manage the agreements between your business and your users of products and services is represented by the consent management interface. Here the customers can go and set up their own consent on the user interface on the portal you create for this purpose. Consumers can interface with your company and consent about using various items your company provides.

Another utility refers to the management of user permissions. Your customers can be given permissions specific to their tasks in the system and your business can obtain user permissions for the business activities that the organization implements. The customers can also interface with blockchain application to set up their own permissions as “my permissions”. A blockchain app can also create and manage data processing activities, help you organize them to be accessed, prepared and used in a simpler manner, and support keeping compliant records of law and regulations.

If you think of other utilities which can embed in a blockchain to make is more secure and still have the flexibility, quality and efficiency that the blockchain platform provides, write to us. We shall be happy to entertain quality technical conversations.


Cory Popescu