Dec 16/98 Ottawa

Partying in Ottawa

December's SIP event combined education and relaxation. D.M.Theo's restaurant hosted the joint event - which attracted around 100 people - between Webgrrls Ottawa and SIP National Capital Chapter. Dr Stephen Turner of Cambridge University gave a truly memorable lecture mixing wry British humour and razor-sharp technical knowledge while talking about the application of Web statistics and demonstrating his landmark (and free) Web analysis program - Analog. The Q&A session was particularly lively with great participation, and it had to be cut short to allow us to get dessert and coffee.

The excellent food, bar, informal atmosphere and perfect company made for an excellent end-of- year celebration for SIP.

Many thanks have to go to the organizers and those volunteers who actually worked during this evening of relaxation. A particular thanks from SIP's viewpoint is due to Mike Richling who provided the music (I wonder how many people realized that much of the music consisted of mp3 files downloaded from the internet).

Many people have given us very positive feedback on the event so far. This is the first time we have hosted this kind of event (cash bar, pre-paid tickets, meal, music, joint event with another organization) and it's also the first time that we haven't asked for written feedback at the meeting. Please let us know if this format appeals for future special occasions and please give input on the positives and negatives - you know we adjust to meet the needs of our attendees. Send comments to



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