2019 Applications of Augmented Reality

In the initial phases of Augmented Reality (AR) development, there have been less concerns with the user interaction with surroundings, and more with obtaining the “registered information” of the world, particularly the user’s environment.

AR development allows for the use of more than one Head-Worn Display (HMD). It’s not only the display of the reality that concerns the systems, it is also the interaction between the users and their surroundings. When the particular interaction progresses, the system picks the device which is better for the user to communicate with the environment. AR not only allows to perceive the surroundings, it also permits the user to remove objects from it if they choose so.

In 2019 and beyond, AR penetrates in education and training, users receive real-time information of their environment. In critical activities such as military, it is crucial to monitor human body reactions to tasks the soldiers perform. Monitoring breathing, vascular activity prove critical in planning the mission or the training if used for athletes or workers in hazardous conditions such as mining or chemical industry. Large organizations such as Microsoft and Walmart have already included AR in their education software and training, respectively.

Some automotive giants registered to receive AR software to apply it to future car models to increase safety while driving. The drivers get messages about the surroundings from the AR device using AI voice-driven equipment, allowing them to focus on the roads instead of the computer screen that currently could give them environment information but only through seeing, and not also hearing.

Facial recognition is most debated as it concerns our privacy and security. The law enforcement industry is in need of such technology to precisely maintain security  and privacy for individuals and groups. AR already makes its contribution through the creation of a software which can be attached to smart eyeglasses. The speed and accuracy represent vital characteristics of the new eyeglasses to help catch the most wanted and the combination of AR and AI used to build this specifically supports it.

As AR evolves it finds applications in many industries, of which we cannot even think now, and for the most the demand is so high that they wished they have already been using it.


Cory Popescu